Present:                         Hugh Parkes (Acting Chairman)

                                      Norman Honeysett (Vice Chairman)

                                      Pamela Gainer (Secretary/Treasurer)

                                      Olive Hagues

                                      Graham Richards

                                      Caroline Payne-Rippengal


Representative:             PC: Sara Parker

                                      PCC: William Reid


Hugh Parkes, Acting Chairman, started the meeting with a brief account of the background of how the Reid Hall came to be after the 1987 storms that struck the south on the UK.


The minutes of the last AGM were read, approved and signed by the Chairman.


Proposed by:        Graham Richards

Seconded by:        Norman Honeysett


Chairman’s Report 2014


2014 has again been a very good year for the Reid Hall. It has proved popular for a whole variety of uses enjoyed by local residents and hirers from out of the Parish.


This has all been made possible by the good work of our Booking Clerk, Trish, and our hall cleaner, Jackie who maintains the hall in good order. Much appreciated.


Norman Honeysett has devoted a lot of time on helping hirers and making sure that everything is in good working order, and dealing with any problems as they arise. John Morton and Graham Richards have also both been at hand to deal with maintenance issues as they arise. Light bulbs, for instance, have been replaced by energy saving bulbs and further roof insulation is planned for the coming year.


Trees that were planted by members of the parish when it was new, have needed to be thinned out and this has been done on a voluntary basis by Trustees and William Reid, the Church Representative.


The heaters in the toilets have needed to be updated and replaced and this has just been done. In conclusion I would like to thank those who are leaving the Trust, John, Norman and Caroline for all their hard work and dedication to the needs of the Hall to be kept in good working order.



Financial Report 2013


Total earned less deposit                                                                            £18,947.29

Expenditure less return of deposits                                      £16,965.67

Net surplus for the year                                                                              £1,981.62


Cash Funds Available:                                                         £23,639.34



This is our reserve after all maintenance work has been carried out. The hall is in good order, and very popular in the region. It appears to be the right shape and size, particularly for dancing events and parties… weddings, anniversaries, fund raising events, choirs and art displays. East Sussex County Council use the hall for various purposes as well.


Our thanks, again go to John Morton, Norman Honeysett and Graham Richards for all the work carried out at the hall in their spare time – also our thanks go to William Reid for helping with the cutting and disposal of trees.


Our new Website is now open and is being used.


New Trustees might find it useful to go on to the Charity Commission Website and click on ‘About Charity Trustees”. It explains the role and general duties of a Trustee.


It was indicated that a reserve is being held back for the replacement of a new roof which will inevitably be needed at some time. Repairs have been carried out this year. A member of the public suggested that a quote for a new roof should be sought. It was agreed that enquiries would be made. It was pointed out that this may not be required for some year, and could be quite irrelevant, and inaccurate.


Election of the Trustees


The Trustees having been individually proposed and seconded by members of the parish and were voted onto the Management Committee en bloc. Nominated Frank Tasker and seconded by Pat Honeysett.


Election of Officers


Chairman                  Hugh Parkes:     Proposed by:       Pamela Gainer

                                                            Seconded by:       Frank Tasker


Vice Chairman:         Derek Willis:      ) Majority show of hands


Secretary/Treasurer:  Pamela Gainer:  Proposed by:       Hugh Parkes

                                                            Seconded by:       William Reid


There being no other business the meeting ended and those attending the meeting were invited to have a glass of wine.


The next AGM will be next March – a date will be announced nearer the time.